Friday, February 25, 2011

New Shingled Roof

From left to right: Bobbi, me, Suzanne and Kitty at the Yarmouth Gallery

Our "Postcards from Provence" show in Yarmouth, ME was a success and a lot of fun! Thank you to all who came to enjoy the opening reception with us. Also, thank you to photographer Bob Delaney for taking pictures of the event.

New Shingled Roof
Pastel 11 x 14
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The reality is, winter is still very much with us in New England and snow is abundant! This beautiful old house in Harpswell, Maine was graced with a brand new shingled roof just before winter. After a few months, the cedar shingles, then a bright burnt orange, have already weathered into a beautiful silver gray.


  1. This is beautiful! Nice work. And the Postcards from Provence show was great.

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